Finca de los Arandinos: hotel, spa and bodega

Roberto Guillén closes the circle with an avant-garde construction featuring a winery that is true to the identity of the region’s wines.

Just ten minutes from Logroño, Finca de los Arandinos comprises a luxury hotel, an avant-garde restaurant and a working winery, with a comprehensive wine tourism programme. One of the most innovative and interesting projects in recent years, it was promoted by Roberto Guillén, who decided to build Finca de los Arandinos in Entrena, on the vineyards that have been farmed by four generations of his family.

Finca de los Arandinos exports 70% of its production (just over 70,000 bottles) sourced from the 24 hectares under vine of the estate in Entrena. The winery benefits from the singularity of this part of Rioja but also of the village itself, with north-facing vineyards at some 600 metres above sea level, very close to the Moncalvillo mountain range, and sandstone and gravel soils that are very good at retaining humidity. The result is finely structured wines, with freshness and a style and personality of their own. The range features the following wines: Malacapa, a young red with a brief time in barrels; Finca de los Arandinos, Crianza and Reserva; El Conjuro, the estate's most powerful wine named after the hill where Entrena is located and after the 2.5 hectares of vineyards surrounding the winery (organically certified); El Tejar, a spectacular wine from four lieu-dits that convey the region's historic and distinctive Tempranillo; and Viero, a barrel-fermented Viura white.

The greatest accomplishment of Roberto Guillén is that he has been able to close the circle. The architect Javier Arizcuren designed a cube on a mound with spectacular views. It perfectly integrates the 14-room hotel (12 doubles and two suites), a restaurant, a spa and a bodega. Most of the rooms also bear the groundbreaking touch of the late, transgressive designer David Delfín. All have balconies with spectacular views of the vineyards.